Saturday, March 2, 2013

Stainless steel handrail cleaning and maintenance

Stainless steel handrail 
Today, Most of the house owners prefer the stainless steel handrail 

due to the specification of the stainless steel; due to
       The most of them is the anticorrosion property due to the chromium oxide layer.
    Second reason is that stainless steel handrail is very easy in cleaning and maintenance comparing with any other type of handrails.
Here are some tips to clean your stainless steel handrail:
     To keep your stainless steel handrail in a very good conditions, you should do a regular cleaning, and you can do this by the aid of warm water and a piece of cloth, then wipe the surface of your stainless steel handrail, after finishing the cleaning procedure you should dry the handrail with another piece of cloth, this action will protect your stainless steel handrail against any external conditions ending with a shining stainless steel surface.
      In case of appearance of rusty areas, you can use the dish washing liquid and a piece of cloth then wipes the rusted areas.
     Finger prints: All stainless steel handrail owners have a famous problem (complain) which is the finger print effects. You can clean it by the aid of any type of glass cleaner which presents in all markets,  then rinse the handrails and after that dry it carefully
     Scratches: Sometimes the scratches are hard to be removed by the prescribed techniques , so you may need to use a polishing agent or stainless steel cleaner , you will find them very easy in many markets , using steps of this polish are very easy only follow the instruction on the bottles and that’s it.
     Last advice is to keep your stainless steel handrail clean and you will never need to use the polish because you will avoid the rust and scratches.

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